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Nexus 4: having trouble with the ADB showing device is offline?

I received the Nexus 4 a couple of days ago.  Today I wanted to root it and try another ROM (such as the latest Milestone build of AOKP), but I could not get past an issue with the device appearing … Continue reading

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Dropbox for Students

How many times have you driven all the way to school, only to find out you’d left some important document, or your USB flash drive, at home?  A dozen times?  Three or four?  Just once…when it was an important midterm … Continue reading

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Shame on Oracle! DO NOT install Java unless…

Oracle has really stooped to a new low in recent versions of Java.  Not only are many recent releases still buggy and full of security vulnerabilities, they are also attempting to sneak such spyware (malware) on computers, such as the … Continue reading

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Wireless Router Update (DD-WRT)

My WRT160N was doing OK but could have been better.  It still had quirks such as random crashes, losing settings, inability to connect to both G and N devices, and other quirks.  Nothing constant, but maybe once a week I … Continue reading

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Lighten up on Windows 8, OK?

Partly because I do support work for desktops, and partly because I was curious (and could get a good deal), I upgraded my main “work” computer to Windows 8.  ”But what about the crappy interface,” I hear a lot of … Continue reading

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Windows 7 Repair Installation

Well over a year ago, I ran into some sort of networking issue on my Windows 7 computer that left me with a partially disabled Internet connection.  I could not use Internet Explorer, and that also meant that some Internet … Continue reading

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Android: manufacturers and wireless providers need to get with the program!

I rarely rely on ruffling feathers, but the more I use and enjoy Android, one thing nags at me constantly: the lack of OS upgrades. While the developers of Android offer the latest quickly, it takes the smartphone manfacturers and … Continue reading

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First Look: vBulletin 5 beta demonstrated today

While we no longer support versions of vBulletin from 4.0 and up, we still keep an eye on the major players in the market.  Today marks the release of a beta version of what the folks at Internet Brands are … Continue reading

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Dot Com 2.0: Is another shakeout at hand?

Anyone else feel like 2012 is “Dot Com Boom 2.0″?  Consider Instagram’s market valuation around 500 million, with Facebook offering twice this amount today to buy Instagram.  Other companies I’m sure have been over-valued in recent months.  A lot of … Continue reading

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Epic Google+ failure: Google, where’s your “sharing” API?

Right up front, let me say that I have enjoyed the clean and uncluttered look of Google+ over any of the other social media services.  I also greatly appreciate how easy it is to maintain your privacy settings, as opposed … Continue reading

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